Angèle Roelofs


I have been working as a performer for 26 years. In recent years, after my education of movement theatre in Brussels, I have developed my own acts. What I enjoy most is to create a custom designed act according to your wishes. This is possible with any theme, creating a new act, according to your wishes, in combination with percussion, singing , acrobatics and/or as an instant poet. Performances for festivals, events outside/inside, company-theatre or as an entrance-act. Also, I am available for individual animation acts. Eg.: stilts-improvisation on command.





The interaction occurs from the basis of improvisation in intimate contact with your audience. I use unconscious communication, either by deep eye contact or listening to their non verbal body language and I respond playfully to that. From there I move magnified or minimalistic. This journey through human movement is the essence of my act. As it always occurs on the spot it is very powerfull. I developed this act especially for a project with the sea as a theme.

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