Angèle Roelofs

trainingsacteur, trainingsactrice, sneldichter, spoken word artist, bedrijfstrainingen

Angèle Roelofs

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Typetjes & Bewegingsact - Atlantis portret lijst

"To me Angèle was the most memorable appearance of the whole festival."

- Harry Roekens, photographer

I am performing since 1987. After studying movement theatre in Brussels, I develop my own acts. What I enjoy most is creating original acts according to your wishes. From here I create acts with percussion, singing, acrobatics and/or instant poetry. Acts for festivals, events, company-theatre or opening performances.

The interaction occurs based on improvisation in intimate contact with your audience. I use unconscious communication and I respond playfully to that. This journey through human movement is the essence of my act. From there I move either magnified or minimalistic. As it always occurs on the spot it is very powerfull.


I developed this specific act especially for a project with the sea as a theme.


“I carefully observe how people are. By listening to their unconscious communication: I either look deep into their eyes or their non-verbal body language. I zoom in on the essence of their movement.”

Dary Fairy

“I take people along in my dreamworld by connecting them to the universal energy.”

“I take people along in my dreamworld by connecting them to the universal energy.” – The Dary Fairy

Performance Artist

Opening performance of the Oh La La-festival (absurdistic spiritual festival)

“This is the first year that the performances actually has content and depth”” – Jacques (regular visitor/participant)


“If I’d known that you can do this I would have given you many more stunts.” 
Director Djotipersad Lachman

Clowns Act